QSL Templates

CommCat QSL Templates provide an easy way to create your own personalized cards.  Click the sample images to see an enlarged view.  Click Download to transfer the template to your computer.  To use a Template, open the CommCat QSL Designer window, then click File, Open.  Set the file type to Compressed, ZIP, and open the Template.  It is not necessary to unzip CommCat QSL Template files.

To submit your own designs so that others may use and enjoy them, open the QSL Designer window, open the Template you wish to submit, and choose Submit Template from the right mouse menu.

CommCat puts your information (call, name, address, etc.) on the card in place of the sample card data.  When you print the QSL, CommCat fills the report block with information from your log.  If you wish the contact data to be on the back of the card, you can run the card through twice, or print labels.

Sample Image




Golden Gate Bridge from Marin County W6HN Download
Golden Gate Bridge at night, QSL in portrait mode W6HN Download
Lighthouse sunset W6HN Download
Winter scene W6HN Download
Ham Equipment

Elecraft K1 QRP Transceiver W6HN, Elecraft, and WB8RCR for image Download

Elecraft K2 QRP Transceiver W6HN, Elecraft Download
Idiom Press CMOS-4 Keyer and Bencher Paddle W6HN, Idiom Press Download
Nothing but lines (and colors) W6HN Download
Oh that Cat... W6HN Download